Developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest web server technologies, BlueTech Networks leads the industry with its powerful feature set and Open Extendable Architecture QEA. Smart e-Shop easily scales from a variety of commercial databases to enterprise level systems including MYSQL.

Smart e-Shop brings significant advances over existing solutions for developers and end users alike. Those able to create a simple web page will be able to build a complete ecommerce implementation using Smart e-Shop! Developers will appreciate the OEA, which allows one to programmatically access all data stored in the cart at any time. In addition, shipping and tax calculations can be customized to provide accurate figures throughout the world. Of course, Smart e-Shop includes powerful default options for shipping and tax calculation, which require no additional development.

An incredibly flexible system, Smart e-Shop gives developers complete control over the look and feel of their site. Add items using forms, direct links, links from dynamically generated pages and more. An eloquent options system allows for item level specification for custom properties, for example: clothing size and color. Even system-generated tables and buttons can be customized to suit the look and feel of client's sites quickly and easily.

The entire system is allowing for direct access using a given Relational Database Management System (RDMS). A RDMS is not required to use Smart e-Shop, as clients can also add items and view/delete orders through a web interface. Rather than incorporating item specific information into each web page it is pulled dynamically from the database. Should one need to update pricing on 10,000 items they can run a simple update query on the site's database - no web pages need to be altered. Order details are also stored in the database and can be accessed through an encrypted web browser session. Immediately after they order, customers receive an email receipt complete with a custom header and footer. In addition, new order notification messages can be sent to those handling fulfillment.

Offering more features, customization, and integration options than many solutions costing 1000's of dollars more, Smart e-Shop is set to expand the ecommerce marketplace.

You can check a demo of Smart e-shop Here.


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